Tuesday, August 21, 2007

now act


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The garden's been well watered lately.

I'm in my second week of uni. And yes I should be doing some homework right now. I've been learning about alternative fuel sources and biofuels.
Then I did some vacuuming, bothered the dogs a bit...next I think I'll actually do some reading..wetlands or groundwater.

The garden is booming along. There has been lots of rain recently, still not enough to fill the dams, but at least enough to soak into the soil well.
I'm glad I've filled in some of the larger gaps out there with Grevilleas. It will stop me looking out there and thinking that I need to do something. I really can't be bothered with my garden just at the mo'.

Well, down to it then...back to the books. I'm trying to make sure I stay ahead of the game and don't end up being one of those late people at uni, who always hands things in at the last minute.