Monday, June 30, 2008

Mercer Cycles, Fremantle.

I just thought I'd mention that there is a really good family owned bike shop in Fremantle, where the service is friendly and fast. The current owner has taken over from his father who ran the shop before him. They are great for advice and all parts and accessories for the new or experienced rider.
I think that it's really important to support small business so I am pleased that Clive and his family are doing well in therse days of rising fuel prices. Fremantle is an easy place to get around by bike and we all know it's a healthy alternative to driving short distances.
Their address is 97 South Terrace, Fremantle. (08) 9335 9536.
It's near the Fremantle Hospital.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Helen's garden.

I went to visit some friends recently. Helen and her feller have a great block on a slope with a fairly decent view.

She has an orchard in the front of the block (which is at the back of the house, front in this case meaning north-facing).
The trees are going to be quite cosy when they get bigger, but apparently Jackie French reckons this works well.
The tall existing marri trees kind of restrict what can be done out there, but their shade is well above the garden, so in many ways they are the perfect canopy.

In the street facing side of the garden is mixed vegetable areas and low native plants. It's a complete fairyland of a garden for their intelligent little daughter. She's a lucky little one with very smart parents.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

World Environment Day.

In case anyone didn't notice, and really why would they, it's World Environment Day. I was feeling good this morning after listening to one of Al Gores speakers give a short talk on climate change and how we can do our bit, with a couple of other positive talks about personal responsibility and how we can do good things, then I came home and one of the people down the road is removing all their shrubs and trees from their garden. I think its the shrubs where the little group New Holland honeyeaters live. Its made me feel a bit bummed out. Sure, some of them can move here, but its always really sad I reckon when people get rid of the tiny bit of habitat in an area.
Listening to the chain-saw and then the big mulcher chew that habitat up is a bit of a sad thing for me. I try and stay positive about the fact that we have the technology to do good, but when one little thing like that upsets me I wonder how much we can do.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Natural aphid control.

Unlike most people with gardens I actually don't mind if there is an invasion of aphids. This is because I like a lot of the insects that are going to come along and get rid of the aphids. One of the most interesting ones is the tiny wasp called Aphidius. They lay their eggs inside aphids, thereby paralysing them and providing food for their little larvae. Once the new wasp emerges it can then carry on the cycle by laying more eggs inside other aphids. The aphid 'mummies' are a light brown colour and swollen. When the wasp has emerged you can see a tiny round hole in its back.
It's pretty amazing to see how quickly a group of aphids gets turned into mummies. There's a good chance ladybirds will also discover the aphids too. These little helpers in the garden are most likely to visit if you don't use any poisons in the garden.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Good things to eat in Fremantle.

*Gypsy Tapas - Highgate Court, High St (Cnr Queen St).
*Cafe 55, High Street - breakfast and lunch, Thai and other Asian dishes and your usual lunchtime fare.
*Juicy Beetroot, High Street - vegetarian and vegan lunches and treats.
*Culley's Tearooms - pies and pastries and sit down meals. The longest running lunchbar in Fremantle, favoured by the old dears.
*Manna Wholefoods, South Terrace, South Fremantle. Organic vegetarian and vegan lunches. Fresh foods and organic produce.
*Joe's Fish Shack.
*Frank's Gourmet Butcher, Wray Ave. The best butcher for miles. A huge array of delicious things. Organic steak, all chicken is free-range. He's one of those butchers you trust.

More as I think of them..