Monday, October 14, 2013

My turn at the amazing Perth City Farm.

Twenty years ago a bunch of people with vision and determination started a place called Perth City Farm right next to the city and the train line. Over the years the management has changed a few times, dozens of good folk have come and gone while behind the scenes Men of the Trees over see what goes on with the farm. The site isn't all that large but it has a good area of built space, vege gardens, loads of compost and the accumulated love and knowledge and sweat and, no doubt some tears, to be what it is today, an excellent working example of urban agriculture, growing chemical free food in the city.

Many people i know have worked there over the years and I recently had the opportunity to be in charge of the nursery. This is pretty exciting as I love growing plants. It is a very cool chance to grow some interesting permaculture plants  to sell in the nursery. More perennial things ... asparagus, globe artichokes, moringa and also some tough and pretty plants to attract beneficial insects, such as Salvias and various daisies.

As long as the retic works and we can keep up with planting out on the farm it's gonna be some fun making plants to sell.

And, it's been really good to have a weekend, not working Saturdays is wayyyyy cool.