Monday, October 29, 2007

Cut out junk mail.

Putting a little sign on your postbox that says "No Junk Mail" reduces your paper consumption by a huge amount. There is no need to look at that much advertising - in fact, it's probably bad for you! - and it contributes a huge amount of single use paper, promoting the cutting down of more trees.

Another simple step to reduce your use of resources.

Eating local.

There are two places in Fremantle that make great food.
'The Local' on Paget Street in Hilton. They do a great breakfast or lunch and make great coffee. They source their ingredients locally, where possble, using free range eggs and good quality local bread.

'Gypsy Tapas House' in Fremantle is also delicious. Great way to eat - little plates of different delicious things. Great for vegetarians or people who want to try a variety of tasty meats.