Monday, October 26, 2009

Nothing to do with permaculture but personal health.

On Wednesday I had a hemi-thyroidectomy, the left half of my thyroid gland removed. It was lumpy and had been bothering my breathing sometimes by choking me. Luckily it was the first time I'd had to attend hospital for any surgery or other overnight stay, so I've been lucky so far. Even better, I had a room by myself and with a great view of Fremantle oval and the markets.
I have been getting looked after since I came home by my lovely 'husband'/boyfriend and his aunty, who came from the eastern states for the purpose.
I think the worst thing about the whole event has been the drugs I was put on. The pain relief is doing my head in and the stronger analgesic is just too horrible to take more than at bedtime. Fortunately I am a quick healer and am managing to lie about a LOT and nap a LOT so the wound is already looking better, although invisible stitches leave it looking fairly open and a bit nasty. I'm hoping to scare some kids with it at Halloween.
Generally I have a fairly healthy diet, largely organic and biodynamic with plenty of vegetables. The drugs and antibiotics are knocking my system about. Last night, and again now I am awake at a ridiculous hour, having relaxed and snoozed all day I am now wide awake at the wrong part of the day. The pain drugs seem to be making me have bad dreams, too, rather disturbing. They seem like a highly addictive substance so I'm not very keen to take them much if I can help it. The paracetamol are mostly doing their job during the day.
So here I am at 1 am typing and having a snack before hopefully sleeping the rest of the night.
Its difficult doing nothing and asking for help so I do get to heal quickly. We have been eating lots of fresh foods and vegetable juices, healing from the inside.
One thing that made me happy this morning was discovering that our frogs have made a big batch of tadpoles so I will soon be able to ring some of the backlog of tadpole wanting folk I that have been in contact with me over the last few months.
Cute little squiggles and plenty of them. ...can I go to sleep yet??