Saturday, July 13, 2013

Local knowledge for food gardeners.

Edible and Useful Plants for the Swan Coastal Plain is available at or The Chart & Map Shop in Fremantle.

Many years of notes from my original permaculture teachers, horticulture study at TAFE and first-hand experience have finally been compiled into a local source of knowledge on what sorts of edible plants from around the world that you can grow in your own garden.

I have grown most of these plants or know someone who has. Some are still pretty rare to get hold of but others are now more common thanks to the increasing networks of permaculture and organic growers in the suburbs.

Many of the plant are common, but included so they don't get forgotten for back yard growers. Some of the plants are what you may consider weeds. A weed is merely a plant in the wrong place. If that place then becomes your kitchen, then it wasn't as useless as many people would think.

Please support your local horticulturist and buy a copy of this book.

Now go and get your hands in some dirt. It's good for you.