Monday, April 8, 2013

The new autumn

Welcome to the new autumn, plus 30 C predicted for the next few days and we're into the second month of autumn.. apparently. It's rained twice. It's less stressful than plus 35C, sure, but the garden still needs watering. At least the capsicums seem happier.

 Yesterday we planted a bunch of seedlings in the aquaponics and the ground, hoping the cooler weather will allow some veg to grow. Didn't bother with any brassica seedlings just yet; we've killed a few rodents lately but I'm still not prepared to buy brocolli seedlings for the little bugggers to disappear overnight.

Basil has been the most successful thing we've grown in the aquaponics through summer. 
The brown honey eaters are hanging about in the trees, perhaps thinking of nesting behind the Grevillea  Winpara Gem again. I reckon the loquat tree looks like a good spot, too, myself.

Yakon, almost ready to harvest, I guess.. potential bird nesting site in scruffy Grevillea (behind).
Hopefully soon, we will get oour next batch of trout to grow on during the cooler season. It would appear the season will be shorter, but perhaps, given the climate creep, the cooler times will extend equally on the far side of winter. The trout tank could maybe be better insulated by then too, to help it keep cool.

Dragon fruit flower. Look at the outrageous amount of pollen that is sitting there. Shame the bats aren't onto it. We need more people to grow them so microbats learn to use them and we'll all get bigger, happier dragon fruit.

Sunday, April 7, 2013


There is a certain amount of resilience to change in ecosystems. There is a point, though, where 
too many biological connections have been broken for the ecosystem  to continue to function.

After this point it is much more difficult to fix than it would have been had we stopped to let the system recover instead of removing more and more resources.