Saturday, July 31, 2010

Positive people.

Most weeks when I work I encounter a customer who makes me feel positive and hopeful. Sure, they are all (generally) gardeners so that in itself is a positive activity but one person each weekend is a standout for having a positive story or otherwise encouraging outlook to gardening.
Some people have spoken to me of success in encouraging beneficial insects, or medical survival stories.
I feel hope for the future and an appreciation of how lucky I am to live when and where I do.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Planting makes me happy.

I've been rescuing a few seedlings from work lately. This morning I popped in some kangaroo paws in the little native garden outside the front window. Finally planted the native hibiscus that's been knocking about in a pot for ages by the front door; hopefully it ill do more than just flower and die, but even that would be okay.
Two little broccoli seedlings went in that Lynn shared with me. The other day I found some kale and cauliflower seedlings that the rats had nibbled some of, so they got 'rescued' and are now in biochar, organic garden heaven.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Winter uni break.

The winter break is shorter than summer, so I am managing to find enough things to do to get through the day without spending much money, which I can't help but do if I venture into town. Even though I'm not a big consumer of useless things, I can still find an excuse to buy tasty treats or a small kitchen thing or go op-shopping, so home is cheaper. Sometimes it means we have a really yummy dinner, as I spend more time on cooking.

Perth has just been through a nasty cold spell, broken for the last few nights by some good storms and rain. Finally! We have been suffering winter "dryness" (can't say drought anymore, it's dry and the rain's not coming back) and the dams are all low.