Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Slightly autumn.

Despite the weather report saying it would reach 34C today, the season is changing. The angles of the sun have prompted the need for some of our unruly Acacia saligna trees to need pruning to let sunshine onto the ground.
The dragon fruit is growing well, but is in the shade now. One of the other dragon fruit plants in another part of the garden managed to make one fruit. It grew on a piece that was hanging over the fence and was getting the morning sun. The fruit wasn't a large one, but it was very yummy.
We are lucky to have the red-fleshed dragon fruit. It is a little sweeter than the white one.

It's difficult gardening when you want to grow trees and also want to grow some food.
Veges and fruiting plants mostly need quite a lot of sun.
In Perth some things need protection from the worst of it on a summer afternoon.
This year a lot of plants had leaves burnt by the 42C days. The leaves are just not expecting that kind of prolonged heat.

More Grevillea species for the garden.
In place of an Acacia saligna out the front we are going to put in two more Grevillea species. One is Pink Surprise, the other Honey Gem.
These will be stunning in full flower and should grow fairly quickly to provide a screen from the road. Not to mention the many birds that will come along and have a feed.

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