Sunday, April 27, 2008

A list of the Grevillea's in my garden.

Grevillea brachystachya - low growing, has many pink flowers starting in late autumn.
G. "Winpara Gem"
G. "Winpara Gold"
G. "Apricot Glow" - shrub to 2 metres.
G. "Coastal Glow" - spreading 1-1.5 m shrub. Gorgeous red toothbrush flowers from winter to summer.
G. thelemanniana - local coastal variety. Grows to only a metre or so. Good for coastal sands.
G "Pink Surprise"
G "Honey Gem"
G. species ground-cover on verge. From Lullfitz.

All doing well in poor Fremantle soils and with coastal conditions. I rarely water these, if ever, once established.

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