Sunday, May 4, 2008

Elder Fizz Recipe.

This is easy to make and a good thing to do with some of the many elderflower bunches that grow in spring. I've been meaning to put this online for ages.

*4.5 litres water
*700g sugar or honey
*Juice and rind of one lemon
*12 elder flower heads (shaken carefully and checked for bugs!)

You will also need some fine cotton cloth to strain the brew, one large enamel, ceramic or glass container (a bucket will do in a pinch but not metal), a clean stirrer and four 1.5 litre plastic water bottles. These are used because they won't burst easily;

*To make sure the utensils are really clean, sterilise them with boiling water. Contaminants in brewed drinks can result in explosive and smelly failures!!
*Mix the ingredients together, making sure the sugar dissolves properly.
*Leave to stand for 24 hours, covered with a cloth.
*Strain well and bottle.
*Store in a cool dark place for two weeks, somewhere you'll see them. Releas the built up pressure in the bottles every couple of days by twisting the lid slightly to let the gas out, then doing it up again.

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Stephen Walker said...

I used to make this with my Dad back in the UK! Where can you find Elder trees in Perth ?