Tuesday, July 1, 2008

We can't ignore the trouble we're in.

I heard a not-so -hilarious comment the other night.."Kevin Rudd (our new Prime Minister) has made petrol prices go up. It's only happened since he came in." I know I'm a bit better educated than most, and care a lot more, about the environment, but it's not Kev's fault..it's Peak Oil and the fact that the previous government was keeping prices low through subsidies. Many goods are subsidised and petrol is one of them.
It's not one persons fault that the price of oil has finally started to go up. It's everybodies fault that lives in the modern world.
How long can we continue to ignore that we are deep in trouble with all the solutions possible but no direction being taken to start on the good road to living in a future that is not all food riots and starvation.
Living in ignorance is not going to save us. Pretending there is no climate change is not going to help. Alternative energy needs to be made more affordable. Emissions from industry need to be reduced.
We can't keep putting our heads in the sand. Unfortunately the modern person thinks its okay to spend huge amounts of money on useless crap that is polluting in its manufacture and used a few times before it goes to the tip and leaches its toxins into the groundwater.
Changing peoples behaviour is a hard thing to do. It will be forced on us.

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