Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Australia in shock.

The state of Victoria has had an incredibly tragic few days with nearly 200 people dying and hundreds of houses lost as large areas of the state were consumed in what amounted to a firestorm that swept through the mountains wiping out entire towns.
It's been a horrific few days for those involved and I feel it's affected Australians strongly. It's a similar feeling to watching 9/11 when it happened.
Large amounts of money have been donated to help those who have lost houses to get back on their feet. One town has lost 1 in 5 of its community. It's just unimaginable to be going through such an event.

The long drought had dried the forest, which combined with strong winds and no humidity to make the whole area tinder dry. Conditions were very much in favour of bushfires. Incredibly, many of the fires appear to have been set by arsonists. They will be done for multiple murder when they are caught, which I am sure they will be.

It has come in the same period of time that much of Queensland has been flooded. The climate seems to be misbehaving.


Ruralrose said...

such tragedy, prayers from here, glad you posted so we know you are ok, peace

Silver Fox said...

I'm sorry to hear about such extreme conditions and the tragegy of people dying. There has been quite a bit of coverage in the geology and science blogosphere, with at least one mention of the Australian Red Cross. Terrible that anyone would start the fires purposefully.

Shari said...

Stopping by from the Blotanical list. My sympathy for the terrible tragedy from the fires.