Monday, November 8, 2010

Urban agriculture.

Really, everyone should be planting useful and edible plants in their gardens. There are so many beautiful fruit trees and decorative but delicious vegetables to choose from. Theres nothing wrong with a few exotics for show or to attract beneficials and, of course, there needs to be (preferably local) native plants too to support local biodiversity of insects, birds and small reptiles.

Fruit trees have pretty blossoms and if more folk were growing fruit tress and caring for the ones in their garden organically then I suspect that less fruit fly problems would exist, because correct hygiene for fruit fly is quite simple but needs to be done regularly.

With less chemicals for gardens available now and more food gardeners aware of the health benefits of organics there are increasing populations of predatory insects. This year there was a huge aphid population followed within weeks by hundreds of ladybirds and tiny parasitoid wasps. Frogs and small lizards play their part in pest control too, consuming slaters and other bugs.


100% said...
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Becoming Mommy said...

I'm one such urban/suburban gardener. My plants are primarily useful and/or edible. I also am probably organic. I do not use poisons or commercial fertilizers. I do not use anything really...I totally ignore my plantings for the most part (i cut them back, cover them with mulch, and harvest them...that's all). I pick local plants or ones that are a good match for the environ and they work beautifully with no effort.

Anonymous said...
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