Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Back to school.

Uni semester started last week. Neither of my two units had lectopia work successfully, so two lectures out of five didn't get recorded. Of course, they were the lectures I couldn't get to.

Both units are looking to be very interesting, both subjects I'm keen on, so that should help. Straight into assignment panic mode though, with outlines due for both in the next week or so. One is on biochar, doing a 15 minute talk. I could probably already do that without extra research, but I suspect I need some references to back me up. The other, a group project, will be on Environmental Estrogens, with the subject chosen by me and agreed to by the other two in our little group. Group work is not my favourite way to do things, but we shall see how we go.

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Charles said...

Hi Viki,

I have been following your blogs for a while looking around the links and all that good stuff. Thanks. I was wondering, the new permaculturewest site has a blog feed now set up for good community permie type blogs. I think yours certainly fits in that category. My understanding of how it works is as you update your blog our site synchronizes and posts it in the multiple blog community blog - Permaculture Gardening in Freo and Perth - article.

Are you interested or happy for us to link you up ? Your no more or less obligated, there is a disclaimer saying its community so Permaculturewest doesn't take responsibility or endorse what you say as such so you can say what ever you think as usual. Anyway I am not sure if you are part of the permablitz list or if we have spoken previously, sorry if I should know, I am terrible like that.
If you are interested could we chat via email. charlesotway@hotmail.com.

I am the treasurer and membership person for PermacultureWest (aka PAWA)