Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Intense few months at uni

Some heavy heavy concepts have been laid in my brain in the last few months. Many of my assumptions that kept me hopefully bouyed in the quest for helping to save the planet have been shattered. I've seen some good examples of environmental restoration and some not so successful ones, have learnt how much it can cost to carry out such wondrous and necessary tasks and then at the very end been made to realise that climate change is, of course, going to make the difficult task much more difficult.
Climate change is real and it's happening now. I'm not being a doom sayer, it's the truth and yet the governments and corporations keep chugging along, still screwing yet more out of our last fragile environments for a last few billion dollars worth of oil or gas.
There are some positives, a great deal of wind power and solar energy is being harnessed in some countries, but is it too little too late?
Luckily I am resilient, I can(usually) stop myself being depressed about it as I myself carry on and try to gain a science degree so that others may hopefully listen to me and employ me to help make agriculture, big or small, more sustainable.
I'm really not feeling good about what's going to happen in the next few decades. There have been major extinction events before, we're causing another currently...will we go with the rest of them?


Ruth Trowbridge said...

In every war there most be soldiers for good, this is your fate, as is mine and we will be here to fight because it is our duty to reach for that glimmer of hope. No use feeling badly about it. You are not alone. Peace

Steph said...

University has that effect on us all. All each and everyone one of us can do is do our tiny bit for the planet and hope that it's enough.

heavy hedonist said...

Vicki-- It's a dire scenario, yes, but what can we do, except try? Every piece of hope gathers others unto itself.

It's tough for us in the USA to watch Montana killing off it's wolves, so that cattle ranchers can more easily ruin public lands, for almost no rental fees, with their wasteful ways of food production. The hard science that proves this tragedy unnecessary is the only thing we have going for us, while petitioning for the cruelty to end. We always need more clear thinkers!

I'm personally considering turning my own yard into a food forest--a small act-- and then (when I'm not as sick as now)helping my community to plant more, conserve more. It's what I can actively do.

Naomi said...

I am glad to see people like you who care.