Thursday, June 19, 2014

Yabbietat tank

The tank has lots of yabbies, a few tadpoles and a couple of small fish to help control mosquito larvae.
These little fish are minnows. They have tiny mouths, so they can only eat mossie larvae but not tadpoles or frogspawn.
Inside this roll of shade cloth there may, hopefully, be lurking baby yabbies. When we unrolled it to have a look there were tiny babies up to about 5 cms.

Since taking these pictures more bits of pipe have been added so there are more spaces for the crustaceans to shelter so they don't attack each other.


Lynn said...

Hi! I was wondering what yabbies are?
I have goldfish and frogs in my small pond. Instead of weeding, I've allowed natural growth to flourish and I notice more frogs this year.
One year we had toads that we watched grow up from tadpoles and then they went into the garden. I tried to make habitats to encourage them to stay but I hardly ever saw any. They were very tiny, so sweet!

Hughbert said...

Very cool. Can you tell more about the system, are there any pumps? What type of yabbies are you raising? Do you feed them anything?

Vicki said...

Yabbies are kind of freshwater crustacean. They are like a small lobster kind of thing with pincers. They were hassling the fish in the other tank, with said pincers,so we had to separate them from each other. The yabbie tank will have other plants grwoing on the surface when we sus out some more floating plant holders. Their job in the aquaponics is to clean the trout poo and other cruddy stuff that manages to get through the growbeds and the excess poo filter.
The rest of the system is made up of a sump tank, with koi and goldfish, a tank that we use in winter for trout and the four growbeds for vegetable growing. There is a pump (my feller does that side of things) which takes the water to the highest point and then gravity makes the rest of the flow happen.