Tuesday, May 29, 2007

What goes in which bin?

I've been meaning to make up this list for ages. It's from the City of Fremantle Resource Recovery leaflet that comes in the postbox each year,but it's been rearranged so I can check it out easier.

The contents of this bins should be loose and preferably rinsed. Items are sorted and sold on for reprocessing.
All glass, inc. light globes and broken glass.
All plastic containers.
All tins and cans, inc. foil.
All paper, inc. wax cartons.

OTHER: broken ceramics, lunch boxes, empty paint tins,plant pots, seedling containers, yogurt containers.

All food, organic and general household waste, grass clippings and small prunings go in the green bin.
Ideally, food scraps get composted at home and used on the garden for growing your own veges!

OTHER: meat trays, take away containers, kitty litter, baskets, band aids, weeds, tapes, cellophane, cotton wool buds, disposable nappies, foam boxes and meat trays, glad wrap, animal waste, cooking oil, pens, pottery, polystyrine, terracotta pots.

NO glass.
NO construction or building waste.
NO hazardous materials.
NO hot ashes.
NO medical waste or needles.

Can be taken to local tip for disposal. No charge for household quantities.
These include: acids, ammonia, batteries, bleaches, cleaners, fertiliser, garden chemicals and poisons, insecticides, medicine, mineral turpentine, motor oil, paint tins with paint in them, pesticide concentrates, petrol and flammable liquids, poisons, pool chemicals, rat poison.

Fees apply for tip site entry.

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