Saturday, June 2, 2007

"Climate of Hope" movie.

I meant to mention the other week that I saw a documentary called "Climate of Hope".
It explains the process that happens to create nuclear power, and tells about the other uses of 'by-products' from the nuclear industry.
Depleted uranium has been used in a few wars now. This means that hundreds of people have been exposed to it.
It seems like a stupid and terrible thing to keep digging the stuff out of the ground so that even more people are exposed to it.

If you see it advertised anywhere, being shown for free, check it out. It's probably even on the web somewhere for download by now - it has copyleft on it, so once it's been paid for it can be shared.

Otherwise, just check out and remind yourself how dodgy the whole nuclear power idea is, how polluting and bad it is for generations to come.
I even sent a letter to John Howard after watching "Climate of Hope".
et stirred up and send a letter to a politician today!

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