Sunday, June 24, 2007

Gombok Sculpture Park.

Today while the sun shone we went for a drive to Gombok Sculpture Park in Middle Swan, to see our friend Sara's sculpture.
It was a quick drive up the Roe Highway, almost to the very end of it. It was even past the airport!
There were some very cool sculptures up there. We stood Sara's piece up - it had blown over in the strong winds yesterday. I think we left it pointing the wrong way, though!?
Gruntle even got to have a run around. He was quite interested in a few of the sculptures, too.
We found another spot for him to runaround, and we had a cup of tea, off Bailey Road in Mahogany Creek.
We treated ourselves to a Judge's "famous" hamburger at the Parkerville Hotel. It was very tasty; with chips and salad it was quite a meal.
There are still some fairly chunky marri and tuart trees up that way. Good to see tree holes that black cockatoos would fit in - hopefully there are some nesting there.

It was good to see a few wildflowers out too. There was a beautiful Daviesia with dark red and yellow flowers, tiny ones along the jagged edges. Gorgeous and spiky. The Daviesia genus are pretty amazing plants. They are very tough, and have sharp points on the small, stiff leaves. The flowers are small but quite brightly coloured. There was a fair bit of Hovea pungens around in full bloom, too. You can see the striking purple spikes of small purple pea flowers from quite a distance.
It was a very pleasant Sunday drive. And a little bit cultural. Aah.

There's actually been a decent bit of rain the last couple of days. Like winter should be, almost. It's still way below average, though. The dams are still less than 20% capacity.


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Great to find another WA garden blogger.

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