Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Australia ratifies Kyoto Protocol.

Just in time for the next round of talks, Kevin Rudd has done the right thing and signed on the line. We can now force industry in Australia to reduce the carbon emissions they spew constantly into the air. Australia has some of the worst polluting coal fired power stations in the developed world. It can be made cleaner and will now have to be. Go the geek.

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ecogarden said...

Forget about Kyoto, it's just another talk-fest and the rich and powerful can only get richer and more powerful by trading in carbon. Carbon credits do not extract one single molecule of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Instead all permies should plan to come to the 9th Australian Permaculture Convergence [APC9] in Sydney during the Easter break next year, from Thursday 20th to Tuesday 25th March inclusive.

The theme of APC9 is WATER. We're more likely to run out of it before we run out of oil. The current faux-technology intends to burn up more fossil fuels to produce fresh water with desalination plants using OUR money (=energy) to build them.

Don't miss the 2008 national convergence of permies, it will be the best ever, get it together and get yourselves over here if you want to help find REAL solutions to the climate change phenomenon.

More info on the website: http://apc9.org.au

Please feel free to contact me through the info link on the website for more information and/or an APC9 flyer for your newsletter(s) or noticeboard(s). We would be most grateful if you could help us publicise this important event in WA.