Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Ugh, cockroaches.

Why do the gross things hang out on my kitchen? I'm not a slob, there's not a lot of food lying around. They just completely gross me out. They lurk in the cutlery drawer, pooing and leaving egg cases in there with the knives and forks, which are clean, so why are they in there? There's nothing to eat. Yuck. I'm good with most little critters and I'm certainly not scared of them but they are disgusting. One of the few insects I can't abide. I'd take leeches, warthogs or tarantulas over cockroaches any day. I even like their cousins, the preying mantis family.. Lovely crowd, but not cockies.
The sticky traps I spent good money on are useless; they can escape from them, and I don't want to use toxic chemicals in my kitchen, or anywhere for that matter. Tea tree oil kept them out of the drawer for, awww, one day, say, so that's no use. Orange citrus cleaner slows them down , not sure if it kills them though - that's the most nasty product in my house. The frogs try to keep up, but they can only eat a certain number and there's hundreds more outside.

Edit: 26th Dec. I noticed they drown quickly after a rapid swim about in the manky dishwashing water that we have in the sink or compost bucket. As long as the water has a bit of oil or detergent in it, that seems to kill the little beggars pretty quickly.

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