Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year.

Erm, has anyone noticed..?
I guess some people, if anyone else actually reads this that is, may have noticed there is actually very little talk here about growing veges in Fremantle.
A large reason for this is that rats eat any attempts at growing food here. We get a few strawberries and blueberries, so far undiscovered by the rodent pests.
Our simple basil hydroponic bucket continues to produce plenty of that leafy herb for us. Paul made his best batch of basil pesto last week and we ate some of it on the road to Cambray and Pemberton where we went last week.
Some of our shady trees have spread further than we thought and at this point of the year, summer, we prefer the shade to the bright drying sun. Too much water is needed to get a garden producing at this point, unless you have shadecloth over it during the peak sun hours of the day.
I do have quite a bit of silverbeet growing out there, but am not sure what to do with so much of it apart from spanakopita type things. Though, admittedly, I do not eat enough of those delicious spanakopita type things.

Trampoline rabbit hutch.
My cousin Jayne in Pemberton came up with a clever way to give her daughter's pet rabbit a shady, secure day hutch where it has plenty of room to run around. She simply wound chicken wire out and tied the wire to the legs of the round trampoline, placing bricks at the gaps at the base of each tramp' leg to prevent the rabbit squeezing out. We told her she'd accidentally invented a bunny tractor and that she can use it to mow some of the lawn for her.

So anyway, I shall continue to ramble on a little here and there about issues that are important to me. Some of those things happen in the garden, many need to happen on a global scale.

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catmint said...

I love this blog. There is so much to read, the links and everything that I have faved it and intend to come back and visit again when I have more time to browse. I don't grow veg because I try to see what I can do without watering. I have herbs and some fruit - grapes (small), loquats and guavas.