Sunday, December 21, 2008

Reducing waste at Christmas.

I'm not into Christmas for many reasons, one of which is the over commercialisation of what is meant to be a time of sharing and family. A lot of presents get bought that aren't wanted, a lot of packaging is produced for one off use before it's discarded to lie in the ground for thousands of years.
People put themselves into debt to obtain useless trinkets, stocking fillers that in their production fill the air with pollutants. I realise that there are some people who are more careful about about they buy but overconsumption of goods creates a lot of the western worlds carbon footprint so we need to rein back on buying junk that's just not needed.

The mad rush to consume makes the usually friendly public stressed and highly-strung, so they feel free to harass the person serving them in a busy shop.

There are better ways to show people you love them than creating a pile of rubbish in their name.

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Aiyana said...

The older I get, the more I realize this is the best way. I never went into debt or overspent, but I was very generous with loved ones. However, there comes a time when kids and young adults have all they need, and anything over that is not really appreciated anyway. One year I was disgusted looking at the almost obscene pile of gifts (albeit payed for) around the tree, and said that's enough. And, it has been for 10 years now. We all still have a wonderful holiday season.