Saturday, May 30, 2009

Another go at some vegetable growing.

Happy little seedlings.
The time of year is encouraging. It is meant to be early winter but it has only rained once so far, really. Still it is a little cooler (though plenty of people are still in shorts during the day) and so seedlings don't seem like they will get burnt or dry out so easily.
I planted a bunch of little things into the super-duper improved charcoal soil patch. So far the rats have ignored them. That is good.

In a few days it will be uni break again. My one exam is this week coming. I'm half confident, half not. I really hope I pull through the unit.

There will be time for blogging, gardening and eating properly again when the exam is done.

I just really hope we get some autumn soon before spring sneaks up on winter.

Interesting news at work today. Two crop failures have affected stock availability. Hot weather in Victoria stopped some trees we were expecting and a batch of seed spuds were destroyed in another case. Oh, but there's no climate change...


Ruralrose said...

Do you have peppermint, leaves or essential oil. Put it about your plants to keep the rats away, it works for mice here. I hope you get some food finally. It is good to here you are surviving, the news we get from down under is not always so good. Peace for all

Lisa Smith said...

Hi, how are your seedlings going? I put some in a few weeks back and they are certainly taking longer to get going than usual, must be the colder weather.