Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Making use of free resources.

At my work there are two 15 year old plane trees above the car park. At this time of year they lose their leaves and make a big mess and blow into the shop.
I was extremely pleased the other day to see that there was someone collecting them up for her compost. She had big empty bags and was doing a fine job of clearing the edge of the car park. Good on her, I say. It saves us having to pick them up. I have taken bags of leaves home before and probably will again. We don't get much opportunity to get large amounts of soft leaves for mulching and composting here. Last year I inadvertently transported some big wolf spiders to my house among the leaves, which was fine with me, but not so good for BF when one was running around in the car.


Bangchik and Kakdah said...

I have been trying to do the same everytime I see ded leaves.... But for now I limit the activity within our plot... I must test my courage next time... ~ bangchik

City Diggity said...

That's a great way to recycle what would otherwise go to waste, literally. Happy blogging!

Northern Shade said...

I use some of the materials dropped from my trees for mulch in the garden. The dropped needles from the pine tree out front are used to mulch the front garden. The spruce cones are used to mulch a side garden area that is mostly out of sight. Then the deciduous leaves either fall in the garden beds as a natural winter mulch, or I collect them and use them as a soil improver. Plus I don't use pesticides or herbicides, so they are organic too. :)