Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Ch.. ch..Changes

Heh, nuffin drastic just yet, but with uni done and the ever present concept of going away from Perth eventually to a block we have been doing things to see if that's waht we really want to do. Thinking about what would we do there, how will it be financed, how long til we get there? Where do we even want to go? Ahhh, it's complimicated.
We want somewhere to plant more trees and to somehow make some money while we do the small farming thing. Obviously it would be cool if that place has some sort of rainfall... and therein lies the rub.. there's not a lot of that around these parts..

It's a shame when people buy little blocks of land and do nothing useful with it. There must be ways that small land holders can produce something of a living. There's always the workshops and interns sort of aspect too, teaching people while they help you do stuff on the farm.

But, first, to somehow get out of the current job into something a bit more aimed at where I envision I want to be in a few years.

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