Friday, November 16, 2007

Huge flower wasp at Samson Park.

The largest bit of bushland in Fremantle is Frederick Samson Park. There are some magnificent tuart trees, some marri and even jarrah. The wildflowers are pretty good in spring and there are 13 kinds of fungi there. I went for a little wander about the other day and came across a beautiful grass tree (Xanthorrhea preissei) in full flower; its spike was all bent and twisted. I realised there was a large (3 cm) black and white striped flower wasp on it. Not only that but he had his girlfriend with him. The female has no wings of her own, so she needs him to come and collect her and take her to the flowers. She normally hangs about on the ground collecting caterpillers, or digging for beetle larvae and the like. She lays her eggs on the grubs, for the larvae to eat when they hatch.
It's not often you see them together. I felt very honoured to see such an amazing sight. Of course I didn't have my camera! Duh.

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