Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Perth frogwatch tadpole exchange.

For some years now my garden has produced many hundreds of tadpoles. Each year we have at least four batches of motorbike frog tadpoles. Many have gone to new homes in ponds around this area.
Alcoa has been sponsoring the research of frogs and observations by the public to help find where they live in the metropolitan region and whether the chytrid fungus is affecting our local populations. Included in the research money was an allowance for someone to look after the tadpole exchange. Unfortunately this exchange is not being paid for anymore, though the research continues.
I contacted someone at the museum, letting them know that I am quite keen and willing to look after the list of people with tadpoles and those who want some. Hopefully I will hear back soon.

The web address to obtain tadpoles locally is...
Frog Watch


Anonymous said...

hello my name is krystal and i have been sending emails to frogwatch for 3 months now and have had no replay then i found this web site im after tadpoles for my new pond if someone can get back to me that has tadpole i would be very thankful my email is babyface_416@hotmail.com thankyou for your time

Anonymous said...

Hi, I have created a great frog pond -but none have moved in yet-would be great if someone had tadpoles to repopulate my pond. Please contact me if you can help.

Anonymous said...

Hi there im sam, if u look on the alcoa frogwatch website, u can onbtain a contact list of people with frogponds/tadpoles in your area, ring a few people in your area and someone should be able to help, cheers sam