Sunday, November 18, 2007

Vicki's list of things you can do for the planet.

Eat organic if you can afford it. If not just eat more vegetables. Fresh ones - not boiled to death!

Grow some of your own vegetables - no food miles (see previous post) needed to bring it to your door and they are fresh.

Buy locally grown foods - keeps local economies healthy.

Find a local community supported farm and support it.

Ride your bicycle or take a bus/train sometimes - public transport can be amusing at times.

Plant trees for shade - helps to reduce the heat island effects of paving and bituminsed roads. Deciduous trees or vined pergola on the north side of your house will keep your house cooler in summer, reducing the need for earth-unfriendly air-conditioners.

Plant local plant species to support local reptile, bird and insect populations and keep biodiversity in the suburbs.

Get stuff from op-shops or at roadside chuck outs. Reuse something someone doesn't want anymore. It saves the energy needed to produce another one.

Write letters to politicians. Hassle them with the knowledge that we are informed and want real action on climate change.

to be continued...

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McCabeandco said...

Great to see your blog and the informative nature of it I find really appealing!! Well done! And you know, beside planting a tree maybe we could adopt a tree. I have adopted the green Gods in NorthPerth. There are three Morton Bay Figs near the NorthPerth Tennis Courts - wow have you ever seen such trees!!? The world, my world is made more sane for such wonders and sights... All the best Vicki!!