Thursday, June 5, 2008

World Environment Day.

In case anyone didn't notice, and really why would they, it's World Environment Day. I was feeling good this morning after listening to one of Al Gores speakers give a short talk on climate change and how we can do our bit, with a couple of other positive talks about personal responsibility and how we can do good things, then I came home and one of the people down the road is removing all their shrubs and trees from their garden. I think its the shrubs where the little group New Holland honeyeaters live. Its made me feel a bit bummed out. Sure, some of them can move here, but its always really sad I reckon when people get rid of the tiny bit of habitat in an area.
Listening to the chain-saw and then the big mulcher chew that habitat up is a bit of a sad thing for me. I try and stay positive about the fact that we have the technology to do good, but when one little thing like that upsets me I wonder how much we can do.

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