Monday, June 2, 2008

Natural aphid control.

Unlike most people with gardens I actually don't mind if there is an invasion of aphids. This is because I like a lot of the insects that are going to come along and get rid of the aphids. One of the most interesting ones is the tiny wasp called Aphidius. They lay their eggs inside aphids, thereby paralysing them and providing food for their little larvae. Once the new wasp emerges it can then carry on the cycle by laying more eggs inside other aphids. The aphid 'mummies' are a light brown colour and swollen. When the wasp has emerged you can see a tiny round hole in its back.
It's pretty amazing to see how quickly a group of aphids gets turned into mummies. There's a good chance ladybirds will also discover the aphids too. These little helpers in the garden are most likely to visit if you don't use any poisons in the garden.

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