Sunday, June 1, 2008

Good things to eat in Fremantle.

*Gypsy Tapas - Highgate Court, High St (Cnr Queen St).
*Cafe 55, High Street - breakfast and lunch, Thai and other Asian dishes and your usual lunchtime fare.
*Juicy Beetroot, High Street - vegetarian and vegan lunches and treats.
*Culley's Tearooms - pies and pastries and sit down meals. The longest running lunchbar in Fremantle, favoured by the old dears.
*Manna Wholefoods, South Terrace, South Fremantle. Organic vegetarian and vegan lunches. Fresh foods and organic produce.
*Joe's Fish Shack.
*Frank's Gourmet Butcher, Wray Ave. The best butcher for miles. A huge array of delicious things. Organic steak, all chicken is free-range. He's one of those butchers you trust.

More as I think of them..

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glutton said...

every time we lob down high street we make sure we end up at CAFE 55. Their 8 main Vietnamese dishes, not Thai as one comment indicated, are the best of the best and must all be tried. The Laksa in particular is probably the best outside KL. Its sweet and spicy, not hot and burny and wants you wanting more when its gone. If you want something different, stay at 55 and try the rice paper rolls or their home made pies and parsties, their just great..oh yea, dont add sauce on the pies or you will miss out on the real flavours within!