Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Goodbye Rusty Bucket.

I'm feeling really sad today because I had to get my ancient dog put down the other day. My partner has been home the last couple of days to help me get over it, but this is the first day I've spent without Rusty for 14 years (well, apart from the days that he spent away after escaping and going chasing girls).
I met him when he was only 8 weeks old, so cute, little yellow fellow.
He was my first dog.
He was old for so long. I feel somewhat relieved that he's gone, he was sore and really slow for the last couple of years, but today I really miss him.
We have one of his offspring, who is doing a good job of letting me cuddle him when I start crying.


Linda Lunda said...

I do feel for you!
It´s so hard to loose a famalymember.... becours that is what they are.
I dont want to think about when I have to say godbay to my dogs.... I have missed to dogs earlyer so I now how you feel.

Ruralrose said...

dogs are awesome, sorry for your loss