Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Great Gardens workshops.

Yesterday I attended the Great Gardens workshop at the Fremantle town hall. I was glad to see the content had changed a little. It seemed less like a condensed permaculture course but still had important information on how to set up a low water use garden. They are a lot more into remineralising the ground along with adding organic matter to retain moisture and nutrients.
There were quite a few moments where I was hearing statements I've only heard myself make before, so that was encouraging.
It was good to hear someone else talking about not digging Perth sand, to prevent damage to the soil life and so worms don't get exposed to bright sunlight.

The second part of the talk was about growing food plants, a special interest of mine. They covered hydroponics as well as mentioning aquaponics.
The guy who talked about growing fruit is a wealth of knowledge. His many years of experience shines through. He could have talked about growing food all day and I would have learnt heaps from him. I like to have a few of my ideas challenged and others supported by hearing a true expert explain some point that I have suspected for some time.

Even if people didn't take in everything that was said they would come away fro these workshops with a great start to making their garden happier and less water-needy than before.

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Mariaberg said...

It is good to learn not to use to much water - I love the phot of the insect on the top.